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Here is a PARTIAL LIST of Website Links that you can utilize to help yourself grow in your journey toward a profitable and fulfilling life career.  
Dan Miller's enterpreneurial business website is a personal and practical guide to exploring career choices and building in yourself that desire to go after your life's deepest and most fulfilling dreams.  Dan also has written a number of excellent books and developed audio/ visual learning tools to help you with your career or business.  &
Christine Kane is a person of many unique and powerful talents.  She is a singer/ songwriter, a successful businesswoman, and an enterpreneurial life coach.  She specializes in providing seminars, workshops, retreats and personal coaching of other women who recognize a need and desire to break out into a more meaningful life and career.  You will want to sign up for her FREE BLOG which is available at her website.
This is a general website that has all kinds of meetup groups available in almost any geographical area.  You can use a SEARCH tool to find groups that fit your interests. There are many entrepreneurial and business groups that offer many different benefits and encouragement for your goals and dreams.

GALE Courses : -OR-
This company offers over 300 different courses in dozens of different fields or interests.  Whether you're interested in exploring a new hobby, or developing a skill for business, this site affords you that opportunity.   My local library is a sponsor, and is therefore offering these courses FREE to its local patrons.  Please check to see if there is a similar business,  organization, or educational institution in your area that is also offering these classes.  It would be much more affordable than taking the classes as an individual.  Here are some of the areas that the courses cover : Accounting & Finance, Business & Technology, Computers, Medical / Health, Language & Arts, Teaching & Education, Writing & Publishing, and Personal Development.  The list goes on and on.  It's a wonderful resource.

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