Friday, June 12, 2015

Minimum Age-- Maximum Wage

   I heard a report on TV this morning that 21% of all teenagers now are doing some type of an entrepreneurial business or activity, rather than applying for and working at a normal job.   I was encouraged by this news.  Although 1/5 is not a majority, it is a growing trend.  Most teens settle for minimum wage jobs because their parents and grandparents did the same thing when they were that age.   But there are those who are breaking out of the mold, and venturing out.   Those young people, in my opinion, will have an obvious advantage when entering into any future workplace or career.

Lemonade Stand
Mowing Yards
   Whether it's a lemonade stand, mowing yards, or working a commission job, it's a good thing for a teenager to do something that is "their own thing" rather than working for someone else.  They soon realize that the MORE they do, the MORE they make.  Such is not true for a typical minimum wage job.   Teens often work crazy hours, give up much of their free time, and settle for a meager paycheck.   A few years later, this often translates into working two or three jobs, when the responsibilities of an apartment or family come into the picture.  It can lead to a better job or career, but oftentimes fosters a rut of working paycheck to paycheck, and never achieving freedom or fulfillment.

   The experience of planning and executing a business brings a new sense of identity and accomplishment.  The thrill of doing something that actually produces your own income causes young people to begin to exercise their minds and hearts toward fulfilling lives. Some even venture out on a summer internship that may involve travel and greater adventures and excitement.   

   I personally applaud these "kids" who, with parents' and friends' encouragement, venture out to START SOMETHING of their own.  May we all give them support in every way that we possibly can.

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